electric amplified Violin

High-tech aside the usual application

Design and construction allows for a minimal structure-born sound level but a high feedback resistance. The use of sound processors and distortion effects allows for countless sound variations.

Configuration EV-14

Name: EV-14
Body: Carbon
Fingerboard: Carbon
Tailpiece: Carbon
Uppernut: Carbon
Mensur: 330 mm
Tuning: GDAE
Bridge: Ahorn or Composite
Pickup: choise of magnetodynamic, passive or active ANS Pickup
Pegs: Wittner Finetuningpegs
Shoulderrest: Plug-in system for VivaLaMusica Shoulderrest
Chinrest: Guarneri or Teka
Finish: high gloss painture or satin-finished wax finish, neck area is available without paint on special request